Andy Harrison

Andy is a Walx Guide for Walx Preston.

As a keen hockey player and occasional gym member, Andy initially started Nordic Walking to support his wife, Sue, in her fitness journey. He couldn’t see what benefit having the extra poles would give.

However he changed his mind, when he started the new hockey season and his team mates commented on the improvement in his fitness. The only change was the regular walking with the group.

The Saturday morning Rise and Shine walks have opened up new parts of Preston. Andy’s favourite path is the tree lined avenue up from the Tramway Bridge.

The Tuesday evening walks are welcome breaks in the working week. Even on dark nights, it’s great fun to explore the woods with the group. Something you wouldn’t do on your own, but is a short step away from the hustle and bustle to find the peace and quiet of nature.

Andy’s loves maps and finding new paths, so planning an Explorer (Adventure) Walk is something he really enjoys. He likes to research the history and may even throw in a bit of poetry.

Since joining the group, he’s completed a navigation qualification and hopes to continue to progress through the levels.

Andy enjoys the challenge of 10k races, locally and further afield. He likes to use these to track his personal fitness progress. His medal collection is impressive!