Di Duckworth

Di is the Social Committee Manager and heads up the team that organises social events and outings for our members. Di is also a Walx Guide.

Di took early retirement in 2015 five years after suffering a brain haemorrhage which limited her ability to perform in her stressful job.
Having seen a leaflet advertising Nordic Walking in the chiropractors she found the idea of this attractive for a number of reasons. Firstly it was a step up from the canal side strolls she was currently doing so she would be able to up her fitness and hopefully assist her weight loss goals. But more importantly it meant she would not be restricted to where and when she could walk which she was when walking on her own. It gave Di confidence to know she would be walking in company.
Nordic Walking attracts people from different age groups and backgrounds so there is always someone to chat to and a post walk coffee is often suggested. The group sizes vary depending on the time of day and venue but Di has found it a wonderful way to meet people and has made some great new friends.
We are a very sociable group so there are regular opportunities to meet up for meals, trips to the theatre or cinema and even holidays or weekends away.