Lenka Gibbs

Lenka is a Walx Guide for Walx Preston.

Lenka has been involved with Nordic walking since her husband Matt started developing the Nordic walking group in Preston. She originally accompanied Matt on his walks to “help out” but soon realized how much personal gain and benefit she gets from regular physical exercise and social interaction with the group members.

Lenka moved to the U.K. in 2008 and starting her life from scratch in a foreign country has not always been easy. The group has provided Lenka with so many wonderful connections, enormously improving her self-confidence and most importantly it has brought her lifetime friendships and a feeling of belonging. Something Lenka has been missing for a long time since relocating to the U.K.

The Nordic Walking Preston group has truly become another family for the entire Gibbs family – Lenka, Matt, their son Johnny and daughter Ellie all take part in various groups activities such as Explorer walks, official and “unofficial” social events.

Lenka is proud to be Walx Guide for Walx Preston. As the group has given so much to her, she wants to give back so she is always there for anyone who wants to have a chat about life, children or anything they want to get off their chest whilst walking.