Sue Harrison

Sue is a Walx Guide for Walx Preston.

Sue took up Nordic Walking in April 2016 and has fallen totally in love with it.

Sue has osteoarthritis in both knees, but the ‘magic poles’ mean that she is able to keep walking where she wants in the Lakes and the rest of the UK.

Sue finds the Saturday morning walks are the best start to her weekend. No matter what the weather!

The group’s Adventure Walks give Sue the opportunity to study maps and guidebooks to find interesting routes to suit (but stretch a little) all the walkers. She’s always aware of the need to make sure all walkers end the day feeling ‘buzzin’. Walking with the group has helped to counteract work stress and boosted her overall mood. Sue has seen big improvements in her fitness and stamina.

When she started nordic walking, she would never have expected to get hooked on 10k races. She enjoys the events as markers through the year to check her personal progress. Race times aren’t everything, not when you can feel this year’s race wasn’t such a struggle or you compare photos to see a change of physique. Sue is grateful for the support and friendship found in the group – an unexpected side effect of deciding to get and stay active.