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WALX PRESTON weekly news

Good evening,

The benefit of hindsight. If only we’d known about x,y or z beforehand we could have achieved a,b or c or avoided d, e, or f.

There are so many things that could have been different in our lives had we had the knowledge and awareness about what was to come. It could have helped us avoid so much pain, so many challenges and problems.

But therein lies the rub.

It is through pain, challenge and problems that we are gifted the opportunity to grow our awareness and see things differently. To then act differently.

It will probably be no surprise to you how much you having built up your walking muscles over the past years has benefitted you these past weeks.
What may surprise you pleasantly is how well you have managed to deal with the uncertainty and challenges of lockdown thanks to the community that is Walx Preston.

Walx Preston is a community, a group of friends, an entity, an eco-system. One that exists to support you each and every day by virtue of you engaging with it.

We are very grateful therefore to have seen so many of you supporting each other mentally, physically and emotionally by posting in the 1000 Friends group, posting in Whatsapp groups, joining our online socials, and otherwise messaging and calling each other.

Talking of hindsight (or foresight as the case may be), it is Matt’s prediction that we WILL be allowed to get out walking in small groups again pretty soon. Eek ! Exciting !

It won’t be fully back to “normal” (whatever that actually means) for a while, but I’d like to encourage you to consider whether you are ready for this?

During the past 4 weeks has your fitness level
a) stayed the same
b) improved
c) declined
Imagine a fitness scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is on the couch/out of breath after a few steps, and 10 is energetic, like a mountain goat, easily able to climb a mountain.
What is your current level of fitness today on that scale?

Also ask yourself….where would you like your fitness level to be and why?

Irrespective of your current level of fitness (real or perceived) or whether you fit into a), b) or c) we would like to gently nudge you into more activity sessions with Walx Preston.

For that reason this week we are including 3x virtual Flex and Stretch classes and 3x virtual Home Walx (Strength and Balance) sessions into the weekly timetable.

It is important to maintain ourselves flexible, supple, strong and agile so that we counteract the effects of ageing. Join Matt and friends for 30-minute sessions to loosen off any tension you might be carrying in the body and to tone up and strengthen your body and heart.

These sessions are fun and easily manageable for anyone who has been regularly walking with our group. We encourage you to attend at least one of each of the sessions each week to help you maintain and improve your balance, strength, flexibility and fitness.

If you are new or have had a period of absence feel free to contact Matt prior to the session on 07530 813225 to check in what’s best for you at your current state of health and fitness.

If you are a Key Worker and your work/shifts don’t allow you to attend please contact Matt and we will arrange how you can access alternative sessions.

Key Workers
Approximately half of the Walx Preston Team are Key Workers !

As a team we have decided that we would like to support Key Workers who have been doing their bit these past weeks. Many are exhausted and/or emotionally drained.

Walking in the great outdoors is highly restorative, energy boosting, immune strengthening, and relaxing for mind and body. For that reason we are launching a campaign to offer FREE access to Key Workers (NHS, Supermarkets, other) to the whole Walx Programme for the month of May, and FREE access to the Power of the Poles course in June.

We are going to promote this on Social Media and we would really like you to support us get the message out there.

Dawn Chorus Walk

Sunday 3rd May is International Dawn Chorus Day and this is the worldwide celebration of nature’s greatest symphony. All across the world people rise early to revel in the sweet sound of birdsong, from rattling wrens in Rotherham to crooning cowbirds in the Caribbean.
This year we thought we would join up with Walx Groups across the country for a Virtual Walk together. You can join from your garden or take a walk from your home. Open your windows, ears and hearts to the sound of nature.

Share photos either on Facebook or send them in – record the birdsong and the wildlife that you see at the break of the new day.

Spring is a special time of the year and we are in a very ‘unique’ situation at the moment when we can really appreciate the nature around us – let’s do it from home but #StrongerTogether!

Matt will be running a 5-minute live zoom session for those wishing to meet up face to face and set the intention for the individual dawn chorus walk ahead.

World Walking
We have quite a large group of members who are now participating in this virtual challenge. Over the past 5 weeks or so we have collectively walked almost 5 MILLION steps.
I think that is pretty amazing. Claps and pats on the back please.

If you haven’t joined us yet, but would like to get in on the action, then please contact Matt or Angela for details.

Here are your Walx Preston invites for this week:
PLEASE don’t forget to register – you will find the Zoom room password in your confirmation email for each of the sessions.

Monday 9am – Virtual Flex and Stretch
Monday 9:30am – Virtual Strength and Balance

Tuesday 7:30 pm – Online Community Quiz with Phil
Join Phil in his Zoom room for his online community quiz.

Join in by visiting https://zoom.us/j/335738846
Or if accessing direct from a Zoom page the Meeting ID is:
335 738 846

Wednesday 9am – Virtual Flex and Stretch
Wednesday 9:30am – Virtual Strength and Balance

Friday 9am – Virtual Flex and Stretch
Friday 9:30 am – Virtual Strength and Balance

Friday 10am – Mugs and Hugs
Please be welcome to join us for a cuppa and a chat from 10:00am.

Sunday 5:30am – International Dawn Chorus

Sunday 7:30pm – Wine and Giggles
Join Sue & Andy this week for an After Dinner theme – culture, food and drink, travel, who am I?

Keep walking. Stay positive.

Matt and the Walx Preston Team

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