Walx Preston News 03/05/20

WALX PRESTON weekly news

Good day folks,

It’s been a full-on week this week and I’ve being doing a lot of both mental and physical work. I am suitably knackered…but in a good way.

I feel fortunate to have built a routine to wrap around myself over the past 10 years that allows me to roll with the punches, maintain energy and focus, and choose to step back when I feel I am falling into a trap.

Most of our traps are self-inflicted. As we veer towards obsessiveness or addiction to a particular activity the lure can get stronger. This can be with work, with alcohol, with sugar, or many other things. It’s fair to say I have had my moments veering in those directions with most things over my life, and I am grateful these days to have been able to grow my awareness and a more strongly developed warning system to alert me to such tendencies.

Addicted in the dictionary has two meanings:
1) physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance.
2) enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity.

However, I believe it to be a sliding scale. So, in that sense we might be initially enthusiastically devoted, but over time there is potential to become dependent.

I’d be interested in your thoughts. Were you at one time in your life so enthusiastically devoted to doing something you became concerned you might be becoming dependent ?

Anyway, moving on. These were my musings immediately after having done my Dawn Chorus walk this morning.

Di, Chris and I met on Zoom at 5:30 am before commencing our individual walks, although I know a number of you also got out there to experience the bird song and a walk. Well done.

So, somewhat tired from the week gone by there was initial resistance in me to leave home. I woke up and got out of bed OK, and was inspired to jump on the Zoom call, yet the little voice in my head suggested I then just slip into an Epsom bath instead of going for the walk.
Nevertheless, I headed off and it took me 400m to reach quality greenspace. 100m further on there was a small hill so I made sure I went up and down it twice. This got the blood pumping and I felt the resistance waning. Another 400m in and there was a relatively steep and long set of stairs, so again I went up and down.
I felt the draw to go back home to bathe or bed fading and the sound of the birds and the scent of the fresh air attracting me to proceed onwards.
I was now on the lookout for the “energy” I could find in the outdoors. The rising sun. The brook babbling on my right hands side. The birds tweeting their songs and stories. Even fishermen on their way to a day away from everything.  I found more slopes and steps and made a point of traversing them.
Yet, it was a narrow trodden path I spied through the wild garlic that piqued my interest. I almost told myself “just walk on”, but instead I went down it and there I found a lovely stoney “beach” by the watercourse. This was the place I was meant to find. This was the space I was pre-destined to experience. It all made sense in that very moment.
I then walked on simply enjoying the birds, the path, the walk, and the experience for what it was…massively benefiting my physical and mental wellbeing.

Move Better
Join Matt each day this week at 9 am for a Mobility & Stretch session.  The sessions are designed to help us understand our bodies better and to release tension. This may be by learning a particular stretch, or following one of our pre-recorded routines with guidance on making adaptations.

Mindfulness and Meditation
We NEED YOUR HELP please !

We’re running a short (anonymous) survey to help us understand what meditation means to you?
How you meditate and what you want from your meditation?

As we develop our Walx Preston offering to you, our members, we would like to use these insights to guide us.

There is great magic provided to us by being in the outdoor space on our walks that can help us calm our mind chatter and alleviate any tension we carry in our mind or body.

Learning how to blend walking with mindfulness and meditation can be extremely beneficial, even therapeutic.

During lockdown, particularly, we are keen to guide you in your mindfulness and meditation practice both indoors at home and outdoors on your permitted walks.

This survey is 9 questions and will take you approx 3 minutes to complete.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and co-contribute to the wellbeing enhancement of our whole community.


Key Workers
Approximately half of the Walx Preston Team are Key Workers !

As a team we have decided that we would like to support Key Workers who have been doing their bit these past weeks. Many are exhausted and/or emotionally drained.

Walking in the great outdoors is highly restorative, energy boosting, immune strengthening, and relaxing for mind and body. For that reason we are launching a campaign to offer FREE access to Key Workers (NHS, Supermarkets, other) to the whole Walx Programme for the month of May, and FREE access to the Power of the Poles course in June.

We are going to promote this on Social Media and we would really like you to support us get the message out there.

World Walking
I just added another 40000 steps (about 27 kms) to our groups total meaning we have reached Swindon, and mostly recently passing Milestone Blenheim Palace on our journey through Wonders of the UK.
Not far to go now to Seatown on the south coast in Dorset AONB to complete our journey. Add your weekly steps guys and gals.

If you haven’t joined us yet, but would like to get in on the action, then please contact Matt or Angela for details.

Here are your Walx Preston invites for this week:
PLEASE don’t forget to register – you will find the Zoom room password in your confirmation email for each of the sessions.

Monday 9am – Move Better

Tuesday 9am – Move Better

Tuesday 7:30 pm – Online Community Quiz with Phil
Join Phil in his Zoom room for his online community quiz.

Join in by visiting https://zoom.us/j/335738846
Or if accessing direct from a Zoom page the Meeting ID is:
335 738 846

Wednesday 9am – Move Better
Wednesday 9:30am – Strictly Come WALXing

Thursday 9am – Move Better

Friday 9am – Move Better
Friday 9:30 am – Home Walx Pole Dancing

Friday 10am – Mugs and Hugs
Please be welcome to join us for a cuppa and a chat from 10:00am.

Sunday 7:30pm – Wine and Giggles
Join Sue & Andy this week for an After Dinner theme – culture, food and drink, travel, who am I?

Keep walking. Stay positive.

Matt and the Walx Preston Team

Updated: May 10, 2020 — 5:43 pm