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WALX PRESTON weekly news

Good evening,

The richness of life brings with it its inherent challenges. I read, heard and felt a lot of pain and struggle this week from many different people I know, love and trust in many different arenas, both from here within our community and from elsewhere.
When dealing with change (forced or self-indulged) we learn how resourceful we actually are. The first days or week often we find we shift gears and take on new (or pick up old) tasks with a renewed sense of verve, and in that very moment we find peace and even relative enjoyment.
Days later, say around week 2, we hit the wall of realisation, that our routines are changing, that some of these things are boring, or hard work, and we also move into a state of mourning the things we have lost or moved away from. This can be routines, habits, activities, people, etc. The brain (mind) reacts in funny (but predictable) ways and we can feel down or heavy, or troubled, if we don’t know to embrace this.
If we switch gears again and do embrace this, and we become grateful for the new learnings and opportunities this challenge and change bring we can begin to see things in a different light. With acceptance of what is (happening around us) and with acceptance and love for ourselves and the great skill, experience and resourcefulness we each inherently have and have built up during our life (thru the battles before) we can empower ourselves to “enjoy” this change for the benefits it brings us.

Oof, that’s a bit deep for a Sunday evening, but I hope it will help at least one of you realise and accept we are always on a good path irrespective of the storm we are facing right in the moment.

What has been evident, clearly within this community this week, has been the love and the support shared amongst yourselves, especially for those finding it tougher than they can usually deal with.

Please note that I am here for you. Your Buddies are here for you. Your friends are here for you. And your inner powerful YOU is here for you.

Remember the BASICS. Community, communication and positive social interaction (even if at this time virtually) are strong predictors of wellbeing. Getting out walking in the outdoors (preferably), or even being in one place and regularly moving your body strongly supports your ability to regulate your emotions.

I therefore thank you for continuing to stay positive, getting out walking, and joining us on some of our online exercise classes and socials.

On Monday we had a Zoom call to run through how to access World Walking and join Angie’s Angels.
Click here to access the replay.

On Tuesday some of us joined fellow monthly member Phil on his Online Quiz. A fun evening of entertainment.

On Wednesday we had our live online/outdoor fitness session.

On Friday we had our Mugs and Hugs session.

Walx Preston Zoom Room
We now have full access to unlimited calls.
We encourage you to join us on our live calls, trainings and socials using the Zoom interactive platform.

We aim to list below the upcoming week’s opportunities to exercise or chinwag with your fellow walking friends. We may also post on social media like Facebook with any updates. If you’re not on social media but would like to be on a text or email list for updates please let Matt know.

The Zoom room link is : https://zoom.us/j/9370566122
This also features as the Pinned post in the 1000 Friends FB group.

Online Learning Platform
We currently have 7 video exercise classes available for you here.

Access is free of charge if you are a monthly member and you should have received log in codes via email. If you have not accessed the Digital Chalk platform yet please check your email or Junk email folder.

You can view the videos at your leisure and follow them to create short routines to build your strength and fitness.

This week we shall be holding 2x Zoom calls (a morning slot and an evening slot) where I will take you through any teething troubles of getting access, and show you how to make use of the content.

We shall also be holding two live classes this week (again a morning slot and an evening slot) where we shall complete a full in-garden or in-living-room workout.

We shall gauge interest but will work towards building a regular weekly schedule of these classes at various times of the day and week.

In addition, there will be a live Zoom call on Wednesday evening where I shall take you through my first Hills and Drills video session. We shall review the video and create a plan for where you will follow this routine at the nearest suitable location to where you live. One or two of you will have the chance to work with me on the call to set up your workout as we look online at where to attempt this and how to plan the route and routine.

Mugs and Hugs virtual coffee meet ups
This week we changed the format slightly and met up for a quick chat before all heading off on a 30-minute walk. This coming week we shall meet, then break for a 30-minute activity. There are several options. Either walk by yourself (knowing others may be doing the same), or join Matt for a 20 minute workout, or do your own workout. Then we shall reconvene for a cuppa and a chat.

Wine and Giggles evening
New this week was an event hosted by Sue and Andy. Over 25 of us were in attendance and it was a great change to the usual Sunday evenings pre-lockdown. This week we played Catch Phrase. it was a great opportunity for Sue to eye spy her future teammates when we get to go to a real pub quiz once lockdown restrictions are lifted. Sue already has plans for next week, so please make a note in your diary.

World Walking
Please be invited to join Angela’s Angels group at the World Waking challenge website.
New this week we have started walking Italy coast to coast. Starting in Venice, we have been close to Bassano, the location of our now postponed Walx Preston Italy holiday.
Please contact Matt or Angela if you would like to join our group.

Walx Preston YouTube channel
Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel. New this evening is the second foodie video by Sue & Andy. Cornbread ! And it looks yummy.

Click here to access the video.

Strava Club
We have created a Walx Preston Strava club too. If you are using Strava already then please do join the group.
We’ll be updating you on the leaderboard stats in the coming weeks.
We shall also hold an online Zoom call about getting on to Strava soon.

Walx Preston  FREE Resources (please feel free to share these with friends or family)
1) To sign up to our weekly email newsletter please follow this link.
2) Free access Facebook group (1000 Friends).
3) Access our YouTube channel here.
4) Join our Walx Preston Strava club.
5) World Walking (Angie’s Angels group): Email info@walxpreston.co.uk asking for invite.
6) Walx Preston Zoom Room exercise sessions and socials: Please sign up to the weekly email for updates.
7) Facebook: www.facebook.com/walxpreston     Twitter: @walxpreston
To contact us please call Matt on 07530 813225 or email info@walxpreston.co.uk

Walx Preston Newsletter

If you’d like to increase your chances of getting one or more months free membership, as described above, you might find it beneficial to share this newsletter with your friends, family and colleagues.


Here are your Walx Preston invites for this week:

Monday 8:30 pm – How to use the Online Learning Platform for accessing exercise classes (this will be repeated on Saturday morning). Join the Zoom room via this link. Any trouble accessing the room, please text Matt on 07530 813225. The doors won’t be open until shortly before the 8:30pm start.

Tuesday 6:45pm – Join Matt for a Total Body Walx session right in your own home. We shall be following and replicating Denise’s Wet Towel workout providing an upper body and lower body workout including mobility exercises. It takes approx. 30 minutes. It’s not easy, but you will love yourself for taking part. We aim to complete this in time for those who would like to attend the Quiz.
Join our Walx Preston Zoom room at 6:45pm via this link.

Tuesday 7:30 pm – Online Community Quiz (Zoom).
This is not a Walx Preston event, but it is hosted by Phil Parramore, one of our monthly members.
Access the Zoom room for a 7:30pm start here.

Wednesday 6:15 pm – Hills and Drills fitness session (Zoom/Outdoors)
Matt will take you through his first online Hills and Drills video and help you find the location for repeating this workout close to your home. We will ask a volunteer to join me in conversation and plan out the location of the steps and the walking route that will create a decent workout at your particular level.
We invite you to join our Walx Preston Zoom room at 6:15pm via this link.
Should there be interest we may also incorporate a 20-minute individual walk into the evening session.
This session is planned to be 60-75 minutes in duration.

Friday 9:30 am – Mugs and Hugs (Zoom)
Join us for another collective face to face and hugs, albeit through the computer screen.
This coming week we shall meet, then break for a 30-minute activity. There are several options. Either walk by yourself (knowing others may be doing the same), or join Matt for a 20 minute workout, or do your own workout. Then we shall reconvene for a cuppa and a chat.
Join our Walx Preston Zoom room at 9:30am via this link.

Saturday 9:15am – How to use the Online Learning Platform (II) for accessing exercise classes (we aim to record this session for those who haven’t been able to attend). Join the Zoom room via this link. Any trouble accessing the room, please text Matt on 07530 813225. The doors won’t be open until shortly before the 9:15am start.
We shall complete the session with a walk.

Keep walking. Stay positive.

Matt and the Walx Preston Team

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